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Digital reading on the move is redefined by ROEM, a comfortable, adaptable, and smart electronic book reader.


ROEM enables users to download and carry with them electronic books and other online reading material (such as magazines, newspapers, comics, and even maps) via the wireless network.   The intention is not for ROEM to replace books, but rather to provide another platform for storing and acquiring reading materials. ROEM leverages the possibilities of the Internet and digitization. It opens new distribution possibilities for publishing companies and saves paper and printing resources.  


The comfort of reading e-books while on the move has always been compromised by small-sized portable handheld devices, glaring backlit screens, and rigid form factors.  The use of rollable electronic paper provides a better-sized reading area.  It is also power-saving and non-glary.  Future development in electronic paper may allow colour display.  Wi-Fi and Bluetooth provide wireless network and data transfer capability.   A compact, high-volume hard disk offers ample storage space.  


ROEM also offers an on the move backup power charging feature.  The screen’s flexibility allows piezoelectric material to be integrated with a variety of polymer, synthetic adhesive, advanced microprocessor, flat size battery, silicon-based integrated circuits and flex circuits, all within the device.  This enables it with self-charging capability by converting mechanical stress to electrical power simply by fanning the screen.


Handling is easy and comfortable.  Operation controls such as the scroller wheel and functions such as next page, back, menu, follows familiar mobile phone and Internet features in keeping with a language that is easily understood.  Simple electronics and software empower users with features such as a dictionary and interchangeable font sizes that will facilitate and enhance their experience of reading.  ROEM can also be used as a digital photo display when docking in the charging station, a navigation tool (GPS real-time positioning on a map), and an audio and text-facilitated language learning tool.  

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